Compiling gtkmm

Hi guys, it's my first time contributing here. My name's Chris and I wanted to implement ustring method which fixes non-unicode ustrings (any particular reason it's not yet implemented?)

Anyway, I have implemented it, but I have trouble with compiling. ./configure says gtkmm needs sigc++-3.0, as written below:

configure: error: Package requirements (sigc++-3.0 >= 2.99.5 glib-2.0 >= 2.50.0 gobject-2.0 >= 2.50.0 gmodule-2.0 >= 2.50.0) were not met:
No package 'sigc++-3.0' found

I looked for sigc++-3.0 and found out that there is no stable release of it (see link below)
Am I correct that we are using non-stable library? If so, which version of a library is best to use?


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