Glibmm-2.52: Shall StreamIOChannel and IOChannel vfuncs be undeprecated?

This concerns glibmm-2.52, the future API/ABI-breaking release.

The whole StreamIOChannel class is deprecated. So are all virtual functions in IOChannel. A now removed comment explained why:

This feature of being able to implement a custom Glib::IOChannel is
deprecated in glibmm 2.2.  The vfunc interface has not yet stabilized
enough to allow that -- the C++ wrapper went in by pure accident.

Is "not yet stabilized enough" still true? The latest ABI change in the vfuncs was made in February 2002. I can certainly remove StreamIOChannel and the vfuncs in glibmm 2.52, but wouldn't it be at least as good to keep them and undeprecate them? IMO the comment about not yet stabilized vfuncs is obsolete.

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