Re: subclassing glarea

Could you link to the discussion that you mentioned? My guess is that it wasn't a bug report, as I can't find any. My guess is also that if you found that past discussion but couldn't find anything later confirming that it's been fixed, then it hasn't.

I don't see how it could be bad to submit a bug report for this, if none already exists. The experts (so, not me, yet :) could check whether the code is correct; presumably it is, then the bug could serve as a way to figure out what is broken, or if not then just to fix your test case.

I'm curious why you need to subclass? Is it strictly required, or if the problem still exists, can you work around it by using composition or such? Sometimes that leads to better design anyway. :D Though equally, sometimes I've been too extreme about it in older projects, and I have a bunch of things I should probably convert back to using inheritance...

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