Re: error building with jhbuild

Den 2017-08-05 kl. 01:12, skrev Ian Martin:

I'm unable to build gtkmm at the moment with jhbuild. The process stops with:

/data/jhbuild/checkout/gtkmm/tools/extra_defs_gen/ error: ‘GTK_TYPE_EVENT_BOX’ was not declared in this scope
             << get_defs( GTK_TYPE_EVENT_BOX )
I've redownloaded from git but it still fails. The most recent change ( ) references eventbox.hg, so I'm guessing it's building for others. OTOH, jhbuild builds the previous 26 modules without any major issues, so I'm comfortable the problem is not my setup.

Any idea where I should be looking?

GtkEventBox was removed from gtk+ 3 days ago with this commit:

The master branches of gtk+ and gtkmm are more unstable than usual now. They are used for the coming ABI/API-breaking gtk+-4 and gtkmm-4. It happens now and then that API is removed from gtk+, and it can take a while before all references to the removed API has been removed from gtkmm. This is the kind of problem you can expect until ABI and API for gtk+-4 and gtkmm-4 have become more stable.

Alternatively, you can build gtkmm-3 with jhbuild. "jhbuild build gtkmm" builds (or tries to build) gtkmm-4. "jhbuild build gtkmm-3" builds gtkmm-3. There's a considerable difference between these two builds. gtkmm-3 and gtkmm-4 use different versions of several modules, not just gtk+.


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