Re: About Gdk::Seat instantiation....

In such cases, you would typically use something like

     Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Seat> refSeat = Gdk::Seat::create ();
     Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Device> refKeyboard = refSeat->get_keyboard ();

However, the public "static Gdk::Seat::create ()" method that would usually be provided for these classes doesn't appear in the documentation. Gdk::Seat is new in 3.20, and I'm not running a Linux that provides that version, so I can't test it -- I can only suggest that you try to compile the code above and see if it's just the documentation that's incomplete...

On 2016/05/25 13:18, Glus Xof wrote:
Hi guys,

How Gdk::Seat could be instantiated while constructor is protected ?
How could I get Gdk::Seat::get_keyboard() ?


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