Hi all,

I am the developer of a small Gtkmm plotting library (, essentially offering a Gtkmm DrawingArea widget that uses PLplot behind the scenes to produce scientific plots. I started this project as I was unable to find a decent plotting widget that supports Gtkmm-3.

Apart from officially announcing this project to the Gtkmm community and inviting people to use it, I am also putting out a request for people to just have a look at the code and offer me your comments on the API and general design of the library. I am not much of a C++ programmer, so I am confident that there‚Äôs room for improvement :-)

For example, due to my C background, I rely quite a lot on pointers which I am sure is frowned upon, but I am not really sure how to solve this (Glib::RefPtr perhaps?).

Your thoughts on Gtkmm-PLplot would be greatly appreciated and I am sure they will greatly contribute to my further work on this project.

Many thanks in advance and best regards,


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