Re: Problem deriving GLArea widget

Den 2016-04-24 kl. 12:42, skrev Kjell Ahlstedt:
You've discovered a bug in Gtk::GLArea::signal_create_context(). I've fixed it in the git repository.

And now I've made a better fix. In this case Glib::unwrap_copy() is better than Glib::wrap(xxx, true). You'll notice a difference only if you provide your own signal handler for signal_create_context().

Den 2016-04-22 kl. 22:01, skrev Bill McGrory:
Following up:
I got the included test program to work by making the following change in At this point, I'm not sure if this is a complete and total fix, as I need to see if my full featured class can be used correctly.

<   if(base && base->create_context) {
< Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::GLContext> retval(Glib::wrap((*base->create_context)(gobj()),true));
<       return retval;
<   }
>   if(base && base->create_context)
>     return Glib::wrap((*base->create_context)(gobj()));

I'm assuming it's the take_copy argument passed to wrap?

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