C++ Variant type for DBus object path


        Currently in Glibmm GDBus it seems no straightforward way to dynamically cast VariantBase containing 
some signature with object paths (o) into strictly typed Variant container. I faced the problem when 
interpreting (casting) the result of standard DBus org.freedesktop.DBus.ObjectManager.GetManagedObjects() 
method call which return signature is a{oa{sa{sv}}} (note 'o'). Typed Variant in my code is defined like this:

        Glib::Variant<std::map<Glib::ustring, std::map<Glib::ustring, std::map<Glib::ustring, 

but the Glib::VariantBase::cast_dynamic fails with bad_cast, because the type signature of the typed Variant 
is a{sa{sa{sv}}}, thats is, object 'o' is replaced with just 's'.

        My question - is there some ready-to-use type which can be used as a parameter of Variant<> template 
to specify that the Variant holds an object path, not just ordinary string?

        Of course, it is possible to create such a class in the client code like this (pseudo code):

class obj_path_t : public Glib::ustring;

class Variant<obj_path_t> : public Variant<Glib::ustring>
    static const VariantType& variant_type() { return VARIANT_TYPE_OBJECT_PATH; }

so that typed Variant looks like this:

        Glib::Variant<std::map<obj_path_t, std::map<Glib::ustring, std::map<Glib::ustring, 

and it actually works for me (cast_dynamic is OK), but IMO it should be provided by the Glibmm itself. Did I 
overlook something? Or this is just a missing feature?

BR, Andrey

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