Re: How-to derive from Gtk::Builder?

Am 2015-07-31 16:37, schrieb Kjell Ahlstedt:
A derived Gtk::Builder must have its own constructor and create()
method or methods. See ExampleApplication in
for an example.

But I recommend another solution. You say that "there seems to be no
way to get the widget name in the derived widget." That's not true.
What you really mean, I guess, is that there is no way to get the
widget name into*the constructor* of the  derived widget. When you
derive a widget, you can give it any methods you like, e.g. an
init(const Glib::ustring& name) method where most of the
initialization is done.

   DerivedWidget* pWidget = nullptr;
   refBuilder->get_widget_derived(widget_name, pWidget);
   if (pWidget)


Kjell, thanks a lot so far.
I think it will help.

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