Re: [repeat] mouse icon during application startup

I'm not sure why none of you guys didn't wand to help me out with this question, anyway I found a solution myself.
the problem is that when icons are missing gtkmm based application start up will be slow and also  new applications will hang.
I opened an issue here:
because this is where I obtained latest gtkmm build for Windows.

Also official GTK+ builds do not include icons so this problem is affecting all Windows users, and there is a ton of articles WWW with people complaining about this issue... so you guys really should care to include those icons into gtkmm builds.

Thank you for helping :confused


21. Jan 2015 06:50 by test_account tutanota de:

Hi, I asked a question about this problem yesterday but obviously nobody understood what I mean so here is an image:

this is the mouse icon that shows up every time gtkmm application is started.
Why? and what to do to get rid of that icon?

I'm developing with other libraries too and have this problem only with gtkmm applications.
Why is this happening?
Thank you!

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