Re: Upgrade menu-example-main to Gtk::Application/Gtk::ApplicationWindow?

If you file a bug in Bugzilla and attach a patch, I can push it to the git repository.
If you haven't installed git, and don't want to do it, you can attach the new and the modified files. I can make a patch out of them.
Third alternative: File a bug without attachments, and hope for the best. Someone will probably fix it some day, but it will be fixed quicker if you do most of the job yourself.


Den 2014-11-13 18:48, Jürgen Kleber skrev:

quite a lot of Gnome applications have an application menu allowing for
menu items covering the application as a whole to place into the top bar
of Gnome-shell. I should appreciate this feature being reflected in the
menu-example of the gtkmm-tutorial. This could easily be done by
deriving ExampleWindow from Gtk::ApplicationWindow instead from
Gtk::Window and adding a new class ExampleApplication derived from
Gtk::Application using this example
as a guideline.

Best regards,

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