Re: TreeViewColumn::get_first_cell_renderer()

On 17/11/2014 11:46, John Emmas wrote:
I'm not sure if this is something new or if I just never noticed it before but round about line 119 of 'gtkmm/' I seem to have these functions:-

      CellRenderer* TreeViewColumn::get_first_cell_renderer()
        return get_first_cell();

      const CellRenderer* TreeViewColumn::get_first_cell_renderer() const
        return get_first_cell_renderer();

I assume the intention was that the 2nd function would call the 1st one but MSVC warns me that the 2nd function will just call itself recursively until the stack overflows. Any thoughts anyone?

Apologies - I should have added that this is in git (branch 'gtkmm-2-24'). 'master' (and presumably gtkmm-3-xx?) don't seem to have the above code.


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