Re: Question about Gio::Socket

Some comments in indicate that someone did not know how to wrap g_socket_create_source(), or did not have the time to find out.

There are many TODO comments in socket.hg, meaning many parts of it can be improved.


2014-02-25 15:34, Tomasz Jankowski skrev:

I'm trying to get familiar with Gio::Socket and so far I found, that it's impossible to request Glib::Source for instances of Gio::Socket (it's possible in original Glib). Why function create_source() is unavailable? I want to handle Gio::Socket with Glib::MainLoop so using Glib::Source is the easiest way to do that. Otherwise I'm forced to deal with Gio::Socket::property_fd() etc. on my own.

What was the reason to omit wrapper for Gio::Socket::create_source() (Maybe you simply missed it :P)? If there's no particular reason I'd like to implement it (otherwise please retain me from wasting my time).


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