Re: Release schedule and repository locks

On Wed, 2014-02-19 at 08:10 +0100, Juan Rafael García Blanco wrote:

I'm not very familiar with the gnome release schedule. API freeze was
due to Feb 17th, which happened yesterday. I assume that that API
freeze affects primarily 'platform' packages. But does that affect
bindings too?

I don't think gtkmm is officially in any GNOME release set and I don't
think there are any real rules any more about the release sets. That
change, a couple of years ago, annoys me lots.

 In particular, are we allowed to continue wrapping
missing API? I guess that we are allowed to change code, but wrapping
existing gtk+/glib/... API creates new API on the bindings side,

Even when there were clear rules for bindings, we always allowed
ourselves to add or change API a little later, with reason. After all,
we are chasing GTK+'s API.

So, I guess we should start thinking about stabilizing our API soon.

If we can continue adding API to *mm modules, until when will this be
possible? March 17th I guess? Past that date, is the repo considered
locked, or will a branch be created to hold the 3.12 release?

We generally branch when we want to add API that can't go in the stable
(or API frozen) release.

murrayc murrayc com

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