Re: Contribution (updating documentation)

2014-02-17 20:43, Tomasz Jankowski skrev:

I'm planning to use gtkmm (or rather Glib and GIO) in near future. I'm familiar with original Gtk+/Glib libraries family and I already went through glibmm/giomm. So far API seems to be friendly. The problem is that gtkmm lacks of good documentation (what is advantage of GTK+)! It's often missing crucial things like notes about thrown exceptions!
Yes, there are many functions that throw exceptions without mentioning it in the documentation. In most cases it's because the documenation is copied from glib/gtk+, and of course the glib/gtk+ documentation does not mention exceptions. The gmmproc macro _WRAP_METHOD() copies the documentation and makes a few automatic adjustments to it.

Because I'm going to use this project anyway I can improve documentation.
Please just tell me what's the regular procedure for contribution. I clone git repository update code and then what? I should send patch somewhere? You use doxygen, are there any specific options/settings I should be aware of?


I recommend jhbuild for cloning the code from the git repository (
When you've made a patch, you file a bug report in Bugzilla,, and attach your patch to the bug.

Each package (glibmm, gtkmm, etc.) contains a file with doxygen settings, e.g. in glibmm. Doxyfile is built from when you build the package. I don't think you need to bother with these settings.


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