Gtk::Button not actionable?

Hello all,

I noticed an odd discrepancy between gtk and gtkmm recently: It seems
that the GtkButton in gtk3 implements the GtkActionable interface,
meaning that I could attach use `gtk_actionable_set_action_name` to
attach a GAction to it. However, the gtkmm version, Gtk::Button does not
inherit from Gtk::Actionable. Therefore the functionality is not
available. There is a TODO in button.h:

//TODO: Derive from (and implement) Actionable when we can break ABI.

What does that mean? I thought that gtk3 and gtkmm3 were kept in sync,
i.e. gtkmm3-3.14 would be feature-complete regarding gkt3-3.14? Is this
functionality going to be implemented (when)?


GtkButton :


Gtk::Button :
Gtk::Actionable :


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