What are the xxx_docs_override.xml files good for?

I just noticed that the documention of Gtk::Dialog::run() is fetched from gtkmm/gtk/src/gtk_docs_override.xml instead of gtk_docs.xml. Updates to the documentation of gtk_dialog_run() from the last 11 years are not copied to Gtk::Dialog::run().

I suppose that an entry for gtk_dialog_run() was added to gtk_docs_override.xml because a C++ code snippet could be added to the documentation. That doesn't work well nowadays. Gmmproc removes all code snippets.

When we don't want to use the documentation  of a gtk+ function in gtkmm, IMO it's better to write the gtkmm documentation in the .hg file instead of writing it in the gtk_docs_override.xml, where almost no one looks.


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