Re: auto-generated file 'gtkmm/widget.h' (widget.hg)

Hello Kjell,

If you cast you mind back a few weeks you'll remember fixing some auto-generation stuff which hadn't been working properly. I pulled in your fixes and ran a test build. Everything seemed to be fine. Today is the first time that I've needed to use the built libraries though (gdkmm and gtkmm).

I don't know if there's still a problem with auto-generation or if some other problem's been introduced somewhere - but when #including gdkmm/types.h in a project I suddenly see the following compiler errors (with MSVC):-

a) (gdkmm/types.h - line 361) - 'ArrayHandle is not a member of Glib'
b) (gdkmm/types.h - line 362) - 'ListHandle is not a member of Glib'

Likewise, when #including gtkmm/main.h in a project I now see the following error:-

a) (gtkmm/main.h - lines 151 & 204) - 'OptionContext is not a member of Glib'

Sure enough, if I scroll up to the top of 'types.h' (or 'main.h') the relevant header files don't seem to be getting #included. Can anyone suggest a reason why this problem's suddenly appeared? Given that the files get auto-generated it's difficult to tell what they used to look like previously :-(


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