Re: Wrapping GtkPlacesSidebar

2013-09-06 22:49, Juan Rafael García Blanco skrev:

Thank you very much. That script got serious :) I patched
gtk_signals.defs and that did the trick: now I don't see the warning
message, and the GFile is wrapped just fine.

I still have a few problems:
- How can I provide a const version of _WRAP_METHOD(std::vector<
Glib::RefPtr<Gio::File> > list_shortcuts(),
_WRAP_METHOD(std::vector<Glib::RefPtr<const Gio::File> > list_shortcuts() const, gtk_places_sidebar_list_shortcuts)

You also need appropriate _CONVERSION macros. Have you looked at similar methods in other classes?
E.g. Gtk::Application::get_windows() or Gtk::Builder::get_objects()?

- How can I deal with gpointers that are actually well known objects?
The only such gpointers that I can find in GtkPlacesSidebar are parameters to the drag-action-requested and drag-perform-drop signals. I guess the best way to handle those is to add more patches to the gtk_signals.defs file, unless you can convince the gtk+ folks that they should change the calls to g_signal_new() in gtkplacessidebar.c.


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