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I managed to cross-compile my gtkmm 3 app using a tutorial to compile glade for windows ( The windows libraries that are used there are from the OpenSUSE repositories, which seem to have mingw32-builds of some otherwise linux-only libraries. If you want to try doing that too, and have problems, feel free to contact me about it. There are some things you need to do additionally to those in the tutorial to get things running.

However, my program doesn't work and I found out the problem is in gtk_builder_add_from_file. So if you use Gtk::Builder, and have your ui files loaded during runtime, you will probably have the program crash on startup too. There is the alternative way of bundling your ui files into binary bundles with the GResource API and linking them into the executable which seems to be what Glade does. Unfortunately, GResource isn't wrapped in gtkmm. I didn't file a bug because I was busy, but eventually we could discuss the whole win32 problem again the mailing list now.

I would really appreciate a solution too.

Am 02.09.2013 21:01, schrieb cellsheet:
Hello, I was wondering the when the binary's of Gtkmm 3 for windows will be
released? I am creating an app on gtkmm 3.0 (since its stable, rather than
3.4 unstable) and I would love to get it compiled on win32. I tried to
compile the source code, but i could not resolve for the life of me the
dependencies of glibmm. It wanted libsigc++-2.0 which I already installed,
and some other things it could not find. This was attempted on MinGW with
msys and the msys-get-inst installer with the pre-included packages since
the latest catalogue packages created errors installing with gettext. The
last news I heard about gtkmm3 for windows was in 2012 and a whole year has
passed since.


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