Re: Strange initialization problem with Gtk::Main

On 28/10/2013 18:42, John Emmas wrote:

AFAICT the execution path is absolutely identical for both programs. The same functions get called in the same order with no apparent problems - BUT - at line 456 of 'gio/giomm/' there's a comment which says:-

      // Register the gtkmm types

That comment is followed by around 100 calls to "whatever::get_type()". In the small app, every call succeeds. In the larger app, every call fails and I'm totally baffled as to why.

Hi guys. In my efforts to make some more sense of this I decide to install the official gtkmm stack temporarily and abandon my own-built libraries. I found a Windows installer here:-

However, I was disappointed to realise that the most recent build seems to be version 2.22 - near enough 3 years old and well below the minimum spec needed for building our app! Am I looking in the wrong place or is that really the most recent dev package?


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