Re: problem using pango ...

You can change the style of most widgets. My point is - and that's also what Murray's links describe - that it has no effect to change the font of a Gtk::Button, because the Button does not write the text in it. The text is written by a Label, which is the child of the Button. You must change the Label's font.

2013-10-01 20:17, Murray Cumming skrev:
On Tue, 2013-10-01 at 12:45 -0400, raespi wrote:
Actually this->object is a Gtk::Widget.  I'm implementing a class
hierarchy using the abstract factory pattern, which means that all
widgets should be treated equal in this point where I request to
change the widget's text style.  Can I only change widgets that
inherit from Gtk::Bin ??
Plenty of people get confused by this. I don't like this part of the GTK
+ API either. For instance:

In Glom, I have hidden the ugly dynamic casting, and some other
weirdness, in a utility method:

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