Re: auto-generated file 'gtkmm/widget.h' (widget.hg)

On 29/09/2013 17:55, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:

2013-09-17 09:11, John Emmas skrev:

One thing that's of interest is my patch to 'gdk/src/types.hg'. gtkmm 3 has the following #include already added:-

      #include <glibmm/value.h>

whereas I found that I actually need 3 x extra #includes, like so:-

      #include <glibmm/value.h>
      #include <glibmm/arrayhandle.h>
      #include <glibmm/listhandle.h>

If I don't include those extra two lines, gdkmm itself will build okay - but I can't build an external project that uses it. I imagine that the same would be true for gtkmm 3 (i.e. those two extra lines should get added there too).

In gtkmm 2 types.hg contains the lines

typedef Glib::ArrayHandle<std::string,AtomStringTraits> ArrayHandle_AtomString; typedef Glib::ListHandle<std::string,AtomStringTraits> ListHandle_AtomString;

In gtkmm 3 neither Glib::ArrayHandle nor Glib::ListHandle occurs in types.hg.

Thanks Kjell,

Since I posted that originally, I've encountered one or two other situations where I needed to add either 'glibmm/arrayhandle.h' or 'glibmm/value.h' to a particular ".hg" file. It's probably for exactly the same reason that you just described above. Would you like to be kept informed about these, if and when I find them?


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