Re: How can I scale widget smaller ?

On 28/05/13 06:11, Maggio Mago wrote:

Like Blender's GUI, i would like to shrink widgets. When resizing a
panel, Blender shrink his Widgetscontrol.

Gtk+3 does she planned a way to achieve it? If yes, how to get there ?

PJ : Screen shot of Blender Panel

try this create your buttons empty and use add to ad a label set the
label ellisize mode to one of


using Gtk::Label::set_ellipsize     (     Pango::EllipsizeMode     
mode    )

or you could burrow into your button to get it's label using
Gtk::Widget* Gtk::Bin::get_child     (         )

which buttons inherit from Gtk::Bin but the immediate child may not be
the label it could be a Gtk::Box to hold the label and an image so you'd
need to test with dynamic_cast<Gtk::Label*>(yourbutton->get_child()) etc


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