Re: custom text editor widget

2012-09-20 09:23, Horváth Imre skrev:

I want to create a custom textedit widget (with text cursor), with it's
own TextBuffer.
My problem is to render the TextBuffer.
In the gtk+ sources, TextView renders the TextBuffer through a
GtkTextLayout object (I think), but I can not find it in Gtkmm.

Any help is appreciated:
Imre Horvath

The file gtktextlayout.h contains the comment

/* This is a "semi-private" header; it is intended for
 * use by the text widget, and the text canvas item,
 * but that's all. We may have to install it so the
 * canvas item can use it, but users are not supposed
 * to use it.
#error "You are not supposed to be including this file; the equivalent public API is in gtktextview.h"

That's a good reason for not having a Gtk::TextLayout in gtkmm.


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