Install gtkmm in linux, Vol 103, Issue 5



are the instructions to install gtkmm in Fedora. You only need to open a terminal as superuser, and use yum to search the package you need. 

If you need help with you, you now:

# man yum 

and you'll have the yum's documentation. 

If you need more help, try here.

Good Luck


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   1. please help me install gtkmm-dev in my linux system
      (Dmitry Kruglov)


Message: 1
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2012 09:52:39 +0100
From: "Dmitry Kruglov" <lsd secy biz>
To: gtkmm list <gtkmm-list gnome org>
Subject: please help me install gtkmm-dev in my linux system
Message-ID: <8aaeb98eb8c0a2bf411f8ea320443402 secy biz>
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Hi all.

I found new linux (alternative Ubuntu), last kernel and gnome 2.
This Linux super, but I do not know how to put the library gtkmm. I previously used ubuntu 10.10 (deb) , and now rpm (Fedora).

what files I need to install to use glade and gtkmm? I want to try to write in gtkmm 2.4 and gtkmm 3.
This Linux has the right package and where to take the packages, I do not know. I spent two days on the search for packages, but I was unable to find glade and gtkmm.
Some of the packages are installed, some packages are not installed as is not the same version.
maybe someone can help me?
I was tired and lost all power. I do not want to go back to ubuntu.

Please help me.
Thank you.


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Joaquín Pérez Valera

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