Uninstalling GTKmm-64

After downloading and installing Glade  from http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/binaries/win32/glade3/3.6/, I was unable to run the program 'cos there were some dll files missing, good! I thought, I will uninstall it and continue my development without it. However, after uninstalling Glade, I went back to recompile my GTKmm-64 application, well… Code::Blocks now reports that there are some gtkmm-64's dlls missing. I thought, Glade must've done something wrong when uninstalling, so I proceeded to reinstall gtkmm-64. As we all know before installing, the gtkmm-64 installer first checks for the existence of another gtkmm-64 installation and ask you to uninstall it, I clicked on 'Yes' and so it was done, or at least so I thought. Now, there is no gtkmm-64 in my computer, but the gtkmm-64 installer keeps saying that there is another gtkmm-64 installation and ask for it to be uninstalled, and sure enough it fails uninstalling it… 'cos there is not gtkmm-64.


Anyone knows the solution to this problem?



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