Re: Using glade and Actions

2012-05-11 17:37, g4hx skrev:
On 05/11/2012 04:08 PM, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:
Haven't you noticed the Gtk::Builder::get_object() method?

Its documentation says "Note that this function does not increment the
reference count of the returned object." That's wrong. That sentence is
there just because the documentation is copied from the documentation of


2012-05-10 23:47, g4hx skrev:
Hello everyone,

unfortunately, I have a new problem with gtk3mmm: I have some
Actions/ActionGroups created using glade. Now I want to connect the
on_activate() signal of a certain Action to a member function of my
class. To this end, I need to get a reference to this Action from the
Builder. However, the Builder only has a get_widget method, which fails

"gtkmm: object `ActZoomIn' (type=`gtkmm__GtkActionGroup') (in GtkBuilder
file) is not a widget type."

My question is how to obtain the Action form the Builder or else how to
rewrite the code or modify the glade file to connect the Action's
method. Btw I also need a reference to an ActionGroup to call its
set_sensitive method, so glade's handler functions alone won't be
sufficient for me.


Well, reference counters aside, I would much appreciate a (preferably
type-safe) way to obtain either a pointer or a Glib::RefPtr to the
Gtk::Action. The get_object is not template-based and returns a
GLib::RefPtr<Glib::Object>  and I don't know how to convert this to a
Gtk::Action* or GLib::RefPtr<Gtk::Action>.
If Gtk::Actions and Gtk::ActionGroups are available in glade, they
should be usable from the underlying code. Could anyone please point me
in the right direction here? I have already looked through many of the
links to programs using gtk3mm, but so far I have found nothing.


Glib::RefPtr<Glib::Object> refObjAction = refBuilder->get_object("action1");
Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::Action> refAction = Glib::RefPtr<Gtk::Action>::cast_dynamic(refObjAction);
if (!refAction)
  //??????? Error

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