Re: How to make a single cell editable in Gtk::TreeView?

2012/3/6, Kjell Ahlstedt <kjell ahlstedt bredband net>:
> I haven't tested this, but I think you shall call one of the
> Gtk::TreeView::set_cursor() methods with start_editing = true.

That worked after I specialized on_expose_event() and put the call
there. Putting it in the constructor didn't work, even after
show_all_children(): the row was selected, but the cell wasn't open
for editing. I suppose between the constructor and the expose
something happens that turns off editing mode.
I've reattached your example with my modifications (marked by //!!!).
Note that I had to make a couple of other changes (change Box to VBox
and ButtonBox to HButtonBox) because I'm using gtkmm 2.4 (what is
available on Debian stable).

Thank you again.


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