Re: GStreamermm: Unable to insert "const char*" of Gst::TAG_TITLE & Gst::TAG_GENRE into SQLite3 database

ADDITIONAL NOTES: I also included the SQLite3 commands I used to create the underlying SQLite3 database. The file is named "dingo-model.sql". If you have MySQL Workbench >= 5.x installed you can open the "dingo.mwb" file and see my database design. The database file is also included in the same folder and is named "dingo.db".

On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 4:25 PM, Phong Cao <phngcv gmail com> wrote:
Hello everybody,

I am trying to develop a small music manager using Gtkmm, GStreamermm & SQLite3. It reads metadata (track, title, artist, album, etc...) of all the files using GStreamermm & inserts these metadata into the underlying SQLite database. Then it will load these metadata into the Gtk::TreeView next time it starts.

The program is able to read Gst::TAG_TITLE & Gst::TAG_GENRE and output these tags into <iostream>. It can insert the "const char*" of these tags (I used Glib::ustring::c_str() to get the "const char*" from the Glib::ustring returned by Gst::TAG_TITLE & Gst::TAG_GENRE) into the underlying SQLite3 database. However, the title & genre of the song do not appear when I do a query of the SQLite3 database. It seems that Glib::ustring::c_str() returns an * empty const char* * and SQLite3 just inserts that empty const char* into the database. I have been scratching over my head for several days because of this. I wonder if this is my fault or is there any problem with GStreamermm or SQLite3.

I am currently using Fedora 16 with all the latest updates. My GStreamermm version is 0.10.10.

Here is the link to download the program. If you can please download it & type "make" to compile it in your machine & see if there is any problem with my code, or the libraries.

Thank you for reading my message! Happy New Year everybody!

Best regards,

Phong V. Cao

Phong V. Cao
phngcv gmail com

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