Best and esiest to implemet pthread , GLib::Thread , GLib::Dispatcher


I have made small gtkmm program that download some files from Internet by using libcurl..

But when the program start downloading the files it Freez until it finish (cuz of  single thread??)..

I knew that I must implement multi-threading to solve the problem ...

I have 3 classes in the program : WINDOW , APP , CURL

// here are some brief of the program
CURL contains CURLREAD function to download the files and some helper functions
APP contains other utils of program and contains getPKG() which get the URLS and download the files throught the object curl.curlread(url ,,,)
Window has progressBAR

CURL is object on APP ,,,, and APP is object on WINDOW

which one I should implement pthread ,  GLib::Thread  or GLib::Dispatcher ?!

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