Help wth packing

I want to pack three widgets vertically in this order:
1) Gtk::Label
2) Gtk::ToolPalette (width ToolItemGroups inside)
3) Gtk::CheckBox

For that I've prepared a VBox and I've packed the three widgets like this:

my_vbox.pack_start(my_label, Gtk::PACK_SHRINK);
my_vbox.pack_start(my_toolpalette, Gtk::PACK_EXPAND_WIDGET);
my_vbox.pack_start(my_chekbox, Gtk::PACK_SHRINK);

Doing this, the check box is always at the bottom of the vBox regardless if the size of the
tool palette expanded or not force it.

I can expand the tool palette and it will fill all the remaining space left by the label and the check box.

If I do this:
my_vbox.pack_start(my_label, Gtk::PACK_SHRINK);
my_vbox.pack_start(my_toolpalette, Gtk::PACK_SHRINK);
my_vbox.pack_start(my_chekbox, Gtk::PACK_SHRINK);

the check box is always after the tool palette but the tool palette available space is limited to the height
given by the number of ToolItemGroups inserted.

How do I pack the three widgets to make the check box always placed exactly after the tool palette and
at the same time be able to expand the tool palette more than its ToolItemGroups size?

I would like to have the same behavior than the tool options for the Gimp 2.6 series. The 'Brush Dynamics'
option expands the way I want.


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