ANNOUNCE: gtkmm 3.1.90

*** gtkmm 3.0:

gtkmm 3.1/3.2 wraps GTK+ 3.1/3.2.

gtkmm stays in-sync with GTK+ by following the official GNOME release schedule:

*** Changes

gtkmm 3.1.90 (unstable):

* FontChooser is now an interface, like AppChooser and
* FontChooserDialog: Derive from FontChooser, removing some methods.
* FontChooserWidget: A new widget derived from FontChooser.
* FontButton: This should now derive from FontChooser but 
	we cannot do that without breaking ABI because FontButton was in gktmm 3.0.
  (Murray Cumming)
* TreeView: Make append_column_numeric_editable() work for [unsigned] short.
  (Kjell Ahlstedt) Bug #655416 (Morpheus)
* Widget::get_allocation(): Add the newer documentation from the C docs.
  (Murray Cumming)

*** Development 

There is active discussion on the mailing list:
and in the #c++ channel on

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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