Multiple event calls

Hey there!

So, I have several Gtk::RadioButton in a group, and also a Gtk::SpinButton.
The RadioButton's represent a number (from 1 to 4), and when I click
in one of them the SpinButton's value is updated as well. For numbers
above 4, I use the SpinButton, and the active  RadioButton is

I attached the same event function to all of them, but I send a
different value as the argument, to differentiate them.

The problem is that when I click on a different SpinButton, that
function is called two times (for the SpinButton that was set before,
and for the one that is now), and when I use the SpinButton to change
the value, its called three times!

It actually works when changing from 1 to 4, but when I try to change
the SpinButton value to something above 4, it doesn't work. It calls
one time to set to 5, and immediately to 4 (since I called .set_active
(false) on the RadioButton which triggers the event ahah :p).

I probably can work around this situation, but I was wondering if
there's a nice way to cancel these multiple event calls.

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