using cluttermm

I'm struggling with cluttermm.  The programming with cluttermm book has some deprecated bits, most of which I can figure out (and once I've got there, I'll figure out how to update it).  Currently I can't give an animation a path; the actor.path(x, y) function no longer exists, but adding a path to an Animator with

effect->bind("x", 150.0);
gives a compile time error:
/usr/local/include/cluttermm-1.0/cluttermm/animation.h:238:27: note: Glib::RefPtr<Clutter::Animation> Clutter::Animation::bind(const string&, const Glib::ValueBase&)

If I create it with
    Glib::Value< float> xdim;
     effect->bind("x", xdim);
   it compiles fine, but on running breaks with output to the terminal:
Clutter-WARNING **: Cannot bind property 'x': the interval value of type '(null)' is not compatible with the property value of type 'gfloat'

So how do I give a path to an animation?  Can it be done in C++?  I note this post
suggests I'm wasting my time.


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