Re: widget get_name() not working the way it used to

On Thu, 2011-06-30 at 06:41 -0400, Damon Register wrote:
> I am having trouble with the output of Gtk::Widget::get_name().
> In the past I have been using the get_name() to retrieve the name
> of the widget as defined in the Glade file.  If I had the following
>      refGlade->get_widget("idc_quit", idc_quit);
> then I would get the string "idc_quit" from
>      idc_quit->get_name()
> Now (with gtkmm 2.22) I get gtkmm__GtkButton returned from get_name()
> Is this now broken or am I unfortunate enough to have been using an
> unintended/undocumented feature of gtkmm in the past?

There is Gtk::Buildable::get_name() and Gtk::Widget::get_name() and they
presumably return different things.

But we didn't start deriving from Gtk::Buildable until gtkmm 3, so I
don't know why the behaviour would have changed in gtkmm 2.22. Maybe
something changed in GTK+ then.

You could try gtk_buildable_get_name(idc_quit->gobj())

murrayc murrayc com

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