Re: on_key_press_event after reparent

Not sure why it works in the first place.  If you want events to be detected you should need to add an event box to your vbox before you put your panes in.

I'm not sure, but I guess you might be getting events off the window on initialisation, but lose them when the pane splits due to ??reparenting?.

Trick for young players is to make sure the event box goes _under_ your drawing area/vbox.


From: Jason Rosson <rosson gmail com>
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Sent: Tuesday, 14 June 2011 9:32 PM
Subject: on_key_press_event after reparent

hi all,

perhaps i'm doing the reparent incorrectly but afterwards i lose the ability to receive on_key_press_events.  
if you compile the code below you get output to the console when you hit a key within the window.  if you 
hit 'h' to split the pane (which works fine) on_key_press_events no longer seem to be reaching the Pane 

i'm running gtkmm-2.4 on ubuntu 11.04 out of the box.

thanks for any pointers!


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