LGPL and gtkmm on windows

Hi folks,

I am getting ready to release an application on windows that uses gtkmm
2.16 and friends. As background, I am choosing this version because I
want to support Windows 2000, and later versions of GTK+ (or perhaps
gdk?) require a win32 system file Wspiapi.h which only exists on Windows
XP and later.

I have two questions related to following the LGPL requirements

First, what is the correct way to give the copyright info for gtkmm 2.16
as a whole? I notice that the source files give copyright dates that
differ from one another, presumably based on when the individual files
were written. Since 2.16 was released in 2009, would it be correct to
say: Copyright 1998-2009 The gtkmm Development Team ?

Second, I have made an installer that includes the redistribution dll's
in gtkmm-win32-devel-2.16.0-4.exe, so I need to provide access to the
source that matches those dll's. Even if all I do is provide links to
existing source repositories, I need to be able to direct folks to the
correct versions. Can someone tell me how to find out which source
versions were used for each of the dll's in that download? It is not
clear to me how to interpret the version numbers that are part of the
dll file names. As one example, one of the included dll's is
libpangomm-1.4-1.dll, but a look at the pangomm source page seems to
indicate that the pangomm version that would have been current in early
2009 was probably 2.24. I don't see any source that dates back as far as

Am I being more particular than usual about version numbers? I am
reflecting on GNU's advice in their FAQ's, that providing the correct
version matters so that someone who uses it won't find unexpected
discrepancies in behavior.

I would appreciate any help you can give about this. And thanks so much
for creating and maintaining such a terrific GUI toolkit and such
terrific documentation! It is truly a pleasure to work with gtkmm.


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