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I think what you're looking for is this class :

As far as I remember, just put :
while (Glib::MainContext::get_default()->iteration(false));
in your code. This refreshes the window(s) if needed and of course updates the displayed progress bar(s).

The drawback is that if your don't call iteration() frequently enough, your window(s) won't redraw nor respond to mouse events and the user may think that you app is frozen.


On 03/07/11 07:56, Glus Xof wrote:
Hi guys,

I'd like to ask you if exists a way to show windows while apps
loading... I mean, before reaching the main run()...
moreover, run() methods doesn't immediately go forward reading the programm...

I the idea is to implement also a Gtk::ProgressBar in this windows...

Could be ?

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