Re: graphing in Gtkmm


On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 2:58 PM, Charles Seedle <charles seedle rigaku com> wrote:

I need to do a scalable 2D graph. Are there any graph generation libraries that would work with Gtkmm ? Where should I start  ?

 You didn't mention what you want to graph... I'll presume its some sort of list of floating point data. :-)

Gtk::DrawingArea lets you use the Cairo library to draw you own widgets.
This enables you to take your floats, and plot them onto the widget you've written.

The "Cairo Clock" is the standard example:

<shameless self promotion> Check the following for some audio / midi / general custom widgets.
The drawing code is fine, but I'm sure some of the code surrounding the drawing is 100% nasty. :-)
</shameless self promotion>

Cheers, -Harry

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