Re: How to open a browser from Gtkmm app?

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there is no Gtkmm binding, so one must use the Gtk+ function:
GError *error = NULL;
gtk_show_uri(gdk_screen_get_default(), some_uri, gtk_get_current_event_time(), &error);
if (error)
	// display error->message

I also found that the Windows build does not support the file:// scheme.


On 30/08/11 06:10, Mj Mendoza IV wrote:
Hi all,

Is there a Gtkmm-way to launch a browser? Like if I have a "Help->Visit
Website" menu, how do I open the user's default browser to browse a site?

I tried looking at Inkscape's implementation, they were using Python
script instead. Although I can use their script, I was wondering if
there's a proper Gtkmm-specific way of doing it.


Mj Mendoza IV,
Developer, KonsolScript

Developer, Clash

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