Re: Re: Gtkmm installation

2011/8/28  <harryhaaren gmail com>:
>> Gtk::Window::set_icon_from_file (Glib::build_filename (DATADIR,
>> "image.svg"));
> In answer to the problem
> Check your gtkmm/window.h header and see what functions are available to
> you..?

Gtk::Window::set_icon_from_file (...) seems available...

Extracted from gtkmm/window.h:

  /** Sets the icon for the window.
   * This function is equivalent to calling set_icon()
   * with a pixbuf created by loading the image from @a filename.
   * @param filename Location of icon file.
   * @return <tt>true</tt> if setting the icon succeeded.
  bool set_icon_from_file(const std::string& filename);


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