Re: keyboard events


signal_key_release_event() seems the right way to do it. For the list of key values, see gdk/gdkkeysyms.h as stated in Gtk's documentation :

You could also derivate your class from Gtk::Dialog, which recieves a response when ESC is pressed.


On 25/08/11 21:00, lecas malecas wrote:
Hey, I have a window which I want to close when the esc key is
pressed, I've tried overriding the "virtual bool on_key_release_event
(GdkEventKey* event); " but I get some weird errors (also can't find
the documentation about GdkEventKey, to identify the keys). I tried
adding a function to the "signal_key_release_event()" but also get
some errors :)

Can anyone tell me how to call a function when the esc key is pressed
(on a Gtk::Window derived class)?
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