Re: Queue Draw does not always call expose signal

On Sat, 30 Apr 2011 18:37:34 +1000
Simon Jenkins <simonj2 gmail com> wrote:
> Hi There,
> I'm almost done creating an application using Gtkmm, which has a
> drawing area (an OpenGL scene), which serves as a soon to be open
> sourced graph visualisation application. A big thank you to all the
> creators for this tool, but I'd like to ask for some help :)
> The program is event driven, but has a thread running that processes
> the layout. Every time one iteration of the layout algorithm in the
> layout thread has occured, I call 'queue_draw()' on the drawing area.
> The drawing area has the following definition:

> I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

If you are calling queue_draw() in the layout thread, you should
note that GTK+ is not thread safe unless you are also using a unix-like
environment and lock and unlock the gdk global lock (the global lock
cannot be used with windows). libsigc++ employs no locking and so is
also not thread safe unless you employ external synchronisation (and
because of the design, sigc::trackable is extremely difficult to use


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