Re: ScrolledWindow problem

gtk+/gtk/gtkscolledwindow.c was modified on 2010-10-30 by Javier Jardón
with commit "Use gtk_scrollbar_new() instead gtk_[v|h]scrollbar_new()"
That commit also modifies gtkmenu.c and gtkwidget.c. And there are more
than 10 other commits on the same day, with titles of type "Use
gtk_xxx_new() instead gtk_[v|h]xxx_new()". So there is a risk that other
classes suffer from similar problems.

ons 2011-04-20 klockan 17:13 +0200 skrev Murray Cumming:
> On Wed, 2011-04-20 at 18:38 +0400, Andrew E. Makeev wrote:
> > I found the error in Gtk::ScrolledWindow class.
> > 
> > The methods get_hscrollbar() and get_vscrollbar() always return 0,
> > because gtk_scrolled_window_get_hscrollbar() and
> > gtk_scrolled_window_get_vscrollbar() both return object of type
> > GtkScrolledBar that cannot be wrapped to Gtk::HScrollbar and
> > Gtk::VScrollbar.
> Thanks. I guess we can fix these (in gtkmm 3) without breaking API or
> ABI because they cannot be working for anybody ever now.
> The return type might not even be part of the mangled C++ name.

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