Re: Problem With Gtk::CellLayout and Gtk::TreeModel

Thank you Murray.

set_family is now called as I expect it to, but it has no effect on the font. To help debug things, I made some additions to the method:

  void set_family(Gtk::TreeIter iter) {
          Gtk::TreeModel::Row row = *iter;
          Glib::ustring family = row[col1];
          std::cout << family << std::endl;
          renderer.property_family() = family;
          renderer.property_style() =  Pango::STYLE_ITALIC;
          renderer.property_size_points() = 20;

The expected font family names are printed, but:
1. The cell entries are still displayed in the default font.
2. The cell entries are displayed in normal style.
3. The cell entries are displayed in default size, but they are spaced farther apart.

I also tried setting these properties using a Pango::FontDescription object, but the effect was the same.

Am I missing something such as another method that has to be called, or have I found a bug?


Murray Cumming wrote:
On Sun, 2010-05-23 at 13:27 -0400, Jim Orcheson wrote:
2. If I change the problem line to:
sigc::slot<void, Gtk::TreeIter> s = sigc::ptr_fun(&FontSelector::set_family);
        set_cell_data_func(renderer, s);
then I get the following compiler error on the first line:
error: no matching function for call to 'ptr_fun(void (FontSelector::*)(Gtk::TreeIter))'

Your set_family() is a member function. Surely you should be using
sigc::mem_fun(). It's iter method should probably be const & too.

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