TreeView Row recieve click signal


I am trying to recieve a signal when there is a click event on a specific row of a TreeView with a ListStore model. Here is a screenshot of the application to make it more clear

In a few words, what i want is when double click is done on a row, to connect to this signal
and move to this directory ( its supposed to be a file manager )

I tried to find such a signal on the Gtk::TreeViewColumn documentation, but nothing there. I further read that each row is not able to recieve X events, thus cant handle click event, but TreeView can. I can capture on_button_press_event from TreeView, but then i wouldnt know which specific row was clicked, Maybe i could find out
from x,y coords but i think that is too hard.

Another idea is to have the ListStore contain EventBox'es with Labels inside, instead of just Labels, so i can recieve the events from the EventBox,
but i cant find how to override the widget contained in the row.

Any suggestion?
Thank you.

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