Re: open file

On Wed, 2010-06-09 at 23:56 -0500, Pavel Solntsev wrote:
> Hi.
> I am new one on gtkmm. How can i open file for reading from 
> FileChooserDialog?
> I need get filename from this dialog, read information, and save new file.

Once you've shown the Gtk::FileChooserDialog[1] and have the dialog get
the user input by calling its Gtk::Dialog::run() method, use the
Gtk::FileChooser::get_filename() method to get the filename.  To read
and write, use one of the Gio streams[2].


There are certainly other ways of reading/writing, but others can point
to those also.  Finally, there is a good section on dialogs[3] in the
"Programming with gtkmm" online book.  Hope that helps.



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