Re: Is it possible to get a Gtk::MenuToolButton in the Toolbar by using the UIManager?

2010/1/22 Adrián Ortega <elfus0 1 gmail com>:
> I also tried this:
> "<ui>
> " <toolbar name='MyToolBar'>"
> "    <menu action="NewMenu'>"
> "      <toolitem action='New'/>"
> "    </menu>"
> " </toolbar>"
> "</ui>"
> That didn't work though.

I think it should be the other way around. I didn't test it though.

<toolbar name='MyToolbar'>
  <toolitem action='new'>
    <menu name='NewMenu' action='new-templates'>
      <menuitem action='template1'/>
      <menuitem action='template2'/>

Regards, Krzysztof

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