glibmm 2.23.0 released

I have just released the first version of glibmm in the unstable 2.23
series.  This version includes the new networking API (Sockets, etc).
Testing and review would be greatly appreciated.

It can be downloaded from:

News since last release:
2.23.0 (unstable):

    This release adds API for the new Network I/O classes that were
added in
    glib 2.22.x (e.g. Gio::Socket, Gio::Resolver, etc). Testing of this
new API
    would be greatly appreciated. There are a few minor fixes in various
    areas as well.

    Armin Burgmeier (2):
          Added new files to MSVC projects
          ifdef-out inclusion of files not available on Windows in

    Jonathon Jongsma (18):
          Re-enable network IO stuff (GSocket, etc)
          Re-enable network IO stuff (Socket, Resolver, etc)
          Add socket-client example
          Add socket-server example
          Take an extra ref from the return of
          Fix another bug in resolver example
          Regenerate gio_methods.defs, bump glib requirement
          Re-generate gio_docs.xml
          Wrap Gio::Mount::get_default_location()
          _IGNORE a couple API that we've implemented manually
          Wrap SocketClient, SocketConnection, TcpConnection,
          Wrap SocketListener
          Accidentally marked wrong SocketConnection as non-win32
          Re-generate gio signal defs
          Wrap SocketService
          Wrap ThreadedSocketService
          Wrap missing properties of SocketClient, SocketConnection,
          Add some more .gitignore stuff

    José Alburquerque (1):
          Make build successful when exceptions, vfuncs, etc. are

    Murray Cumming (1):
          Regex: Slight documentation improvement.

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